Advancing Rational Faith Academy

Our Mission

Re-uniting children of Adam & Eve on their common love for inquiry into truths. Critically important today is to exploit all available resources for digging out what is missing from our understanding about the original Islam to benefit form it for a new global re-enlightenment and reformation. Our activities include open, evidence based search for the original meanings of the Qur'an, our common human heritage, which transformed perennially warring Arabian tribes into a fast advancing and tolerant multicultural civilization within few decades.

ARFA strives for the advancement of education about development and use of  tools and resources to judicially investigate best historical understanding about Islam with the aim of achieving wide scholarly consensus. History of Islam & Muslims is an important part of world history. A shared best examined version of history means growing common contextualization of the events leading to our current world affairs for re-uniting children of Adam & Eve in to the compassionate family it originally was.

In addition it strives to expose the people and schemes behind the evil that destroyed the growing universal human equality, justice and liberation movements ushered by American Declaration of Independence and French Declaration of Rights of Man.

A Sample of Our Work

How Monotheism Is The Mother Of All Human Progress

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