Magna Carta Hoaxes

Magna Charta/Carta is a class of forged fake manuscripts. The celebrated historian Professor Edwin Johnson d 1901,of London England detailed about its forged characters.

"Magna Charta, supposed to be two hundred years later, is scarcely readable. Bracton, who is said to have died in 1268, fifty years after the date of Magna Charta, knows nothing of it. There is no reference to it before the time of James the First or Charles the First, when it was " found."   "

Here we present info from another book "The historic note-book: with an appendix of battles" by Brewer, Ebenezer Cobham", 1810-1897 which details numerous different Magna Charta's forged for most countries of Europe. and Asia. see page 5 Manga Charta of... Ireland, Aurea Bulla, Golden Bull of Hungary. The Magna Charta of that country granted seven years after Magna Charta of England p61, Magna Charta of transylvaniana p 258, Magna Charta of Aragon 1283 p361, Magna Charta of Germany at p 373, Magna Charta of Manx p 550, Magna Carta of Turkey p 551, Magna Charta of Gllican Church p 551 etc.

This Magna Charta is a blatant lie and fake introduced in the history literature for promoting a view that kings or a privileged class is a necessity for government of a state. Its role in European historical literature is to fill the gap in European history left after church took out pan-European Islamic civilization details and burned that literature.   

Social democracy practiced by 9th cen Sicily/other Islamic States. Rulers of the states would leave the moment  they lose majority support.

 "Neither the Americans nor the French can take credit for the invention of modern democracy,
Vannucci suggests. Rather Amari’s history of medieval Sicily identifies the origin of European
democracy in the very substance of Islamic revelation – the “social democracy” that Islam
demanded of believers – and finds democracy in practice in the Islamic states established in
Mediterranean Europe" p-  I nostri Saracini: Writing the History of the Arabs of Sicily Journal Issue: California Italian Studies, 1(1), Mallette, Karla, University of Michigan, 2010

The burning of Islamic Civilization literature provided a vacuum, space and fake original point for the narration of the development of government in the European historical literature by passing any references to the workings of Muslim Imarat during the European Islamic civilization.

Western mainstream edu academia is a relic of kings court supported propaganda run by Church in the name of education. Its benefits to the public are only a marketing and support tactic that are absolute necessity for its existence, continuation and effectiveness. It never compromises its basic fundamental objective and hence strictly follows forged Church fabricated history of Europe as their sacred cannon, they faithfully remain within its boundaries and sing its narration only fill it with more music and colors. Public mind control is the primary objective and the knowledge base of public about world and national history is absolute minimum to be tailored for it to be consistent with the current political vision of the plans for future.  Poor public is kept in dark about the disconnect and serious problems such manipulation has created in the chronology of Europen history literature.

Evidence exists that at one time European kings and Church alliance grew extremely strong giving rise to fast growth of Vatican control and influence of public and business institutions seen through spread of Catholics, Jesuits Knights of Malta etc. Such optimistic prospects necessitated to prepare for welcoming a future absolute world monarchy granting all nations a new glorious false history with a Magna Carta for every nation from a network of benevolent universal kings and church.


Magana Carta Beati Thome: another Canterbury Forgery

The Foundations of Medieval English Ecclesiastical History: Studies Presented to David Smith
Philippa M. Hoskin, Christopher Nugent Lawrence Brooke, Richard Barrie Dobson
Boydell Press, 2005

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