Govts has fallen pray to global conspiracies for the benefit of the few and enslavement of the most

G. Edward Griffin lecture

 "The Quigley Formula: A conspiratorial view of history as taught by the conspirators themselves"

Highlights the importance of independent open public investigations for important issues like we try at Advancing Rational Faith Academy(ARFA) for people who care
The strength of human spirit lies is in the faith that every individual’s independent exercise of rationality is the best defense against all odds and the best strategy for exploiting all opportunities.
The motivation behind ARFA is the faith that the most powerful and lasting strength of communities and global humanity against all dangers to peace lies is in their individual member’s contributions through their varied, independent, rational cognizance of the historical contextualization of the dangers and their levels. Public out-sourcing of the individual personal exercise of their rational thinking to leaving that thinking completely to just few small groups which are too uniformly schooled, like minded or brainwashed, is extremely dangerous. It is easier to corrupt few groups or defeat their limited abilities and strategies, assuming that they remain honest to their duty, than to fool a vigilant and capable public.  An example of danger of making nations dependent on the abilities and intentions of the few can be seen in the drastically reduced capability to fight pathogens in the modern reduced variety of plant species grown for crops. Any new trait of an old pathogen can destroys all such crops.
Advancing Rational Faith Academy(ARFA) strives empowering individual public members with abilities to historically contextualize important local, national and world issues, especially Islamophobia, independently for assessing the risks and determining alternate solutions. ARFA is focused on discovering the original Islam, as part of the global human past especially the first interpretations of the Qur’an. There has never been more need to discover how Islam played its constructive role in ushering in a global reformation and enlightenment that developed in to the Medieval Islamic civilization.

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