Why Deists Acknowledge God?

Message to the Texas Freethought Convention 2008 
Why Deists Acknowledge God? by Ehsan Butt
Deists do not care about the names; they focus on how the phenomena witnessed in nature bear signs of attributes of design and Supreme mind. They frequently explain how our human reason and ethics demand that these inferences must be acknowledged.

Deists do not blindly acknowledge any hearsay about nature or the nature’s God. We appeal to open minded free thinking people to look at the evidences of order, coherence, a single, integral organic system and signs of intelligence and think about why should these not point to confirmation of the hypothesis of a Supreme mind behind them. Deists never shy away from looking at anything that has been confirmed from the last 150 years of overall general or specific analytical observations of science. In general they pose a question how the universally attested tender care that humanity receives in the lap everyone affectionately calls Mother Nature could come about without any intention, decision, plan and design?

Blind religious adherents may use the same word God, however one should not be deceived by the words, names, or labels. The attributes of the two conceptions are worlds apart. Deists derive all attributes of the Supreme manager from revealed evidences in His created nature and have been enthusiastic to explain with reasons. False religions do not even give such right to any laymen to ask questions about evidences for the sayings of priests and popes. Their description of their objects of worship, some ungod, with fabricated conflicting attributes can be anything but the Supremely Intelligent, Just, Benevolent, and All Powerful God deists attest. They use their ungod, through forged tales, to indoctrinate humans to dump reason, close their eyes, avoid self-respect and equal status all focused to pick pockets of the laymen.

It is an opportunity to briefly review just some of the reasons why deists are convinced of a Supreme Intelligent Cosmological Management that in short form they name the Benevolent God.

A General Overall Observation
Continuous journey towards perfection, the evolution, is universally witnessed. This is ongoing improvement and is not business as usual or just reshuffling, it is development; a continuity in creation, imparting the creation over and above what that they got at creation. How on earth a process which results in the appearance of Socrates can be accepted as random interactions and mindless fluctuations?

An Analytical Examination
Lately each of our body cell is seen as an independent miniature national state with constitutional government through strict law enforcing. Integral to that is the finding that it cannot continue its life function without a control manager, the nucleus. Similarly there is consensus that all our cells in their specific organs coherently function as slaves of a king- our conscious and unconscious mind. Now evidences of order, integral organic working system and signs of intelligence, similar to the living cell and organism when observed in the universe must make a strong case for a control centre with intelligent mind.

Deistic Tradition of Being Humbleness in Submission to Evidences
Newton could easily have touted his intelligence while presenting his theory of gravity that he devised the theory first and found the evidence later in falling apple. He humbly expressed that his close observation of the natural phenomena inspired him the natural law.

Deists try to continue this tradition and bow in respect of evidence and turn wherever it leads.
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