Advancing Rational Faith Academy - Mission and Activities


To highlight Islam, the Quran & Sunnah, as the rational faith, which aims at the enlightenment and reformation of mankind and that Islam encourages seeking for truths, natural evidences, fairness, world peace and human development. ARFA strives to help interested people take advantage of the potential of Islam to become torchbearers of a new global re-enlightenment and reformation.

Continuing Activities

  • Seminars/webinars

  • Quranic Arabic lessons

  • Quranic Textual Analysis (Nazm) Focused Learning Circle Series

  • Blogs

  • Facebbook group AdvancingRationalFaith

Coming  Activities

  • E-Magazine Advancing Rational Faith

  • Offering Courses at University Level on Amazing Quranic Organization((Nazm))

  • Presentation to  the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for  including info about the Human Rational Faith as part of the general education

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